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Get support from Sonder, wherever you are.

The University of Sydney has partnered with Sonder to connect you with 24/7 wellbeing and safety support - wherever you are in the world.

Download the app now for free. Enter your University of Sydney email address to activate your account.

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Access your free Sonder account

  • To download the Sonder app, choose your app store below or scan the QR code – this will take you to your preferred app store*.

Once you’ve downloaded the app, enter your email. You will receive an email asking you to create your password. Set up your password, and you’ll be able to log in.

*To find out more about USYD provided VPNs, click here.

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Scan this QR code to download Sonder
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        • How to download Sonder using a VPN

          1. Download the app for Australian or NZ Google Play
              or Apple App Store (with VPN* if required)
          2. Download Sonder from your preferred app store
          3. Follow the directions as prompted

          Contact hello@sonder.io for further assistance if required.

Student wellbeing library 
Tips and tricks to help you prepare for life at university 

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How Sonder helps

Whilst you're studying remotely, Sonder can assist in a number of ways:

24/7 multilingual chat and call support:

If something is worrying you, reach out and speak to our expert team of medical and safety professionals through chat or call via the app. The Sonder support team can provide advice & support in English or your native language. 

Connect with local services

Sonder will direct you to the right kind of support wherever you are. Where possible, our team will get you the help you need near your location*.

Confidential care and advice

We will always put your needs first. Feel secure knowing that anything you share with the Sonder team is completely confidential and will not be shared with anyone.

Access resources and articles

To help you look after yourself while you’re studying at home, Sonder has a library of self-help articles, videos, and advice on how to healthy - which you can access online or via the app.  

Safety features

Sonder’s safety features* are available to ensure you are safe wherever you are.

  • Going to an unfamiliar place or meeting someone for the first time?

  • Set a timer or a time you want Sonder to get in touch through "Check on Me", and Sonder will make sure you’re okay.

  • Use "Track My Journey" when you’re walking, cycling, or driving to make sure you get to your destination safely.

*Some features may not be available in all countries or regions

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Member experience

Luke relied on Sonder to help him out when he was far from home. We can help you, too.

Support for you on your wellbeing journey

Free, confidential support for you.

Your information and privacy are strictly protected. The app has a range of privacy and security safeguards built in. 

See Sonder's privacy policy here.