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Get to know Sonder

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What you'll learn:

 What is Sonder?: How the platform works to enhance employee productivity and reduce employer risk

 The product in action:
See how Sonder addresses a range of employee safety, medical and mental health scenarios

  The extras:
How we help you drive company-wide awareness, uptake and usage of Sonder 

The complete employee care platform

Learn how you can lead a supported, high-performing workforce with Sonder

This demo covers

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The Sonder difference

Learn how Sonder can help you make a sustainable, positive impact on the health and wellbeing of your workforce 

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Team behind the tech

See the product experience in action across a range of employee safety, medical and mental health scenarios

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Leadership insights

Learn about the anonymised data we provide people leaders to inform strategic decision making


Safety issues are on the rise

Our data shows a 54 per cent increase in the percentage of safety-related critical incidents, as well as an 80 per cent increase in the percentage of police incidents.

Our evidence sources include:

 10,000+ active member support cases;

 10,000+ safety-monitoring cases; and

 Sonder’s Voice of Member survey

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