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Live & On-Demand

Sonder product demo 

Take a look under the hood of Sonder's complete employee care platform, explore uses case and how we can help your workforce.

What you'll learn:

✅ What is Sonder? The next generation of employee support spanning safety, medical, mental health.

How it works? See how Sonder keeps employees safe, lowers absenteeism and reduces manager pressure.

Live Q&A chat: 
Ask questions to see if Sonder is right for your organisation 

Learn how you can improve the health, safety and productivity of your workforce with Sonder

Workforce scenarios 

What to expect in this product demonstration
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Staff safety in vulnerable situations

Do you have remote or isolated workers? Or employees that travel regularly?

Learn how Sonder's technology and team will ensure their safety and extend your organisations duty of care with ease.

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Unexplained absences due to ill-health

Are you seeing an increase in worker sick days, stress leave or mental health injuries?

Find out how our 24/7, uncapped medical and mental health care works to improve the health and productivity of your teams.

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Manager help for critical incidents

Distressing incidents can happen at random, but your employer response doesn't have to be.

Learn how Sonder's critical incident management supports team leaders to reduce trauma and operational disruption. 

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Safety issues are on the rise

Our data shows a 54 per cent increase in the percentage of safety-related critical incidents, as well as an 80 per cent increase in the percentage of police incidents.

Our evidence sources include:

 10,000+ active member support cases;

 10,000+ safety-monitoring cases; and

 Sonder’s Voice of Member survey

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