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   On-Demand Webinar

Don't take it out on us:
How to support employees in retail and hospitality

Discover how leading experts are responding to rising rates of customer incidents and learn how to provide effective post-incident support.



Nick Davison, Wellbeing Strategist, Former Head of Health & Wellbeing at John Lewis

Tesco CEO, Ken Murphy, recently labelled the rise in customer incidents as “unacceptable” and the impact on employees as “heartbreaking”. 

And - in response to spiralling rates of retail crime - 88 leading UK retailers recently called on the government to make assaulting or abusing a retail worker a standalone offence.

The impact of customer incidents is deeply felt among staff, both mentally and physically. Organisations feel the effects too, with higher absenteeism rates and lower retention rates impacting the bottom line. 

As leaders, we have an opportunity to make a positive difference to the lives of impacted employees. But it can be challenging to support hard-to-reach or 'unconnected' employees. And in some cases, leaders may even find themselves reminding colleagues that customer abuse isn't 'part of the job'. 

That's why in this exclusive webinar you'll hear how leading safety experts are responding to rising rates of incidents and providing effective post-incident response. This session will cover:

  • Tactics to proactively keep employees safe from harm

  • How to provide accessible medical and mental health aftercare

  • Practical examples of safety interventions from leading organisations

This session is ideal for professionals within the hospitality and retail sectors, including people leaders, health and safety experts, and those passionate about wellbeing.



Nick Davison

Health and Wellbeing Strategist
Former Head of Health and Wellbeing at John Lewis Partnership

Nick Davison runs a wellbeing consultancy and holds decades of experience in workplace health, including a 10-year tenure as Head of Wellbeing at the John Lewis Partnership.

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Kim Powell

Director of Nursing

Kim manages Sonder's team of global nurses.  After spending many years in emergency care, Kim brings a holistic approach to supporting colleagues after traumatic incidents.


John Claridge

UK Lead

John is an employee care consultant helping leaders at organisations like PwC, Allianz and McDonald's reimagine employee care. He currently leads Sonder's UK operation.


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