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Major incident response and disaster relief

Stay informed, protect your team and minimise the risk of psychosocial harm following critical incidents.

While as an organisation you may not be able to predict the occurrence of critical incidents, you can put services in place to connect your people with support. Sonder acts quickly to confirm a member’s safety, keep them updated as critical incidents unfold and works to minimise the risk of psychosocial harm.

What we do

Sonder is by your side in the event of a crisis, and in the following days and weeks. Through immediate and ongoing care, we prevent issues from escalating and reduce risk of further harm.
  • A global network of on-the-ground, in-person responders.
  • Safety alerts, notices and welfare checks.
  • Situational monitoring, including geo-social scanning.
  • Manager resources, including intelligence briefs and incident updates.


Stay informed: Safety scanning, notices and alerts 

Sonder helps its members avoid unsafe situations when an incident is unfolding, and before they arise.
Using open-source intelligence, our safety scanning team sends targeted, real-time safety notices for major weather events, dangerous incidents and traffic disruptions.

These alerts help keep your people safe and informed 24/7. Within minutes we are able to provide intelligence briefs to our customers and real-time alerts, notifications and SMS to our active members.


Response: In-person responders

Sometimes there’s no substitute for face-to-face support. Sonder has a network of responders on standby ready to provide in-person assistance.

Our network is made up of professionals trained in psych first aid, often with emergency services, medical, mental health or military backgrounds.

One of the key strategies for us has been Sonder, we do have incidents that occur, but for us it’s also about the post incident care that they are getting. When we do have a incident our managers are trained to offer time poor people to talk to Sonder about what just happened.

- Nicole Everingham, WHS Manager - People and Culture | HOYTS



Recovery: Post-incident support

Sonder’s critical incident support is aligned with the World Health Organisation's best practice guide for dealing with traumatic events. Support to members may be enduring and involve care from Nurses, Doctors, Care Specialists, Psychologists, Social Workers or Counsellors.

“With a lot of incidents, in the moment you think you're fine, and then, outside of business hours, it hits you like a ton of bricks. We make sure our people have the Sonder app, and know how to access the live chat."  -
Ashleigh Bearkley, HR and WHS Advisor, Universal Store



Major public incident - Bondi Junction

Day 1

  • 22 active members received a 'Response Required’ notification within the immediate vicinity.

  • Our Support Centre followed up with each member individually to confirm their safety as a priority action.

  • Across the city, members received notifications and SMS with information and relevant advice.

  • 3 responders were deployed to the area immediately providing:

    • Psychological first aid.

    • Food and accommodation for members in need, many of whom could not access their phones, keys and wallets.

First 3 days

The impact of critical incidents extends beyond the initial event, and impacts different people in different ways. Post-incident planning ensures our team can provide the appropriate coverage and support.

In relation to this incident, Sonder conducted:

  • 109 welfare checks.
  • 300 support cases.
  • 90 phone calls.

Managing the fallout

We generally see a surge in indirect cases related to these incidents in the following days. Member data following previous critical incidents tells us employees will often need ongoing mental health and grief support. This is available 24/7 through Sonder’s support centre.

We focus on: 

Anticipation - Psychosocial safety 
Response - Psychological first aid
Recovery -  Mental health support

We deal with some very serious safety issues daily that involve Sonder members and/or their family members. Sadly, we've seen a marked increase in the number of serious safety incidents that require our specialist support and intervention.

Brett Ward - Head of Member Safety, Sonder



Disaster relief: Bushfires and extreme weather

Manager safety guide examples


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Want to learn more?

Frequently asked questions

Is Sonder an employee assistance program

Nope, we are so much more. Sonder is a complete employee care platform, which means we cater for a much wider range of workforce health, safety and wellbeing issues than a typical EAP service.

Our medically accredited team and technology gives employees 24/7 access to mental health care, medical advice and personal safety assistance through an easy to use mobile app with no session caps or predetermined outcomes.

Because of this, we have much higher utilisation rates than traditional (mental health only) services, and, as a result, the richness of the data we collect and share with customers about what's really going on with their people is unparalleled.

We are completely confidential, ACHS accredited and secure and have comprehensive privacy policy for our members and customers. 

We'd love to share more about how Sonder's employee care platform might could help you and your organisation - book a demo here.

Can Sonder integrate with my existing services?

Yes. This is a key difference between an EAP and an employee care platform like Sonder.

Think of us like your single entry-point to all your employee support services - one app, one go-to for your people to remember and use anytime they need help. We've noticed that over time, companies have invested a lot of different policies, procedures and services for their people but they tend to suffer from a lack awareness, uptake and usage.

This means your people can access important internal and external employee resources that are available to them beyond Sonder through the Sonder app.

We are here to help you rise the tide of your entire company health, safety and wellbeing efforts - not just Sonder.

How does Sonder's pricing work?

As opposed to traditional EAPs, which operate on a pay-per-use model, our employee care platform is based on fixed, all inclusive annual fee for uncapped access to professional care across medical, mental health and safety services for all your people and their families.

This means you can drive maximum awareness, usage and engagement of Sonder without worry of unexpected monthly bills or hidden fees.

With usage rates typically 10-20x higher than traditional assistance programs we replace, you can rest easy that your workforce and your organisation will see a significant return on investment.

For more information and a no obligation quote based on your organisations needs, please get in touch with one of our team members today.

Can I have both my EAP and Sonder?

Yes, you don't have to replace your EAP to have Sonder in place. Many of our customers have continued with their existing EAP service while transitioning to Sonder as their complete employee care platform.

For the most consistent and effective employee support experience however, we do recommend replacing your EAP with Sonder altogether but that doesn't have to happen straight away or all at once.

We will work with you to help ensure a smooth transition and clear communications with your workforce - as we have done with many of our customers to date. Talk to us today to explore your options.

How does Sonder get higher engagement?

Our world-class Customer Success team will direct you to the tools, resources and reporting you need to help you drive company-wide awareness, uptake and usage of Sonder.

This process starts upfront where we understand your broader wellbeing strategy and business goals in advance of your Sonder launch date. We then provide you with the right mix of self-service tools and technical support to ensure you have what you need to successfully drive awareness and adoption of Sonder among your people.

And beyond that, we provide you with regular reporting and check-ins to help you further embed Sonder into the culture of your organisation and ensure you're getting the most out of your investment with us.

Alongside these services, we also have an intelligence team, who are constantly scanning and filtering safety information and sending push notifications to your people to keep them informed of the world around them about relevant threats and disruptions like extreme weather, traffic jams or online scams.

These notifications build familiarity and trust with Sonder as a service they can count on. We find that by nudging people proactively with helpful safety information, they are more likely to turn to us in times of personal ill health, because they think of us in those moments. And this might be for their more sensitive physical or mental wellbeing challenges that they open up about at a later date.

How Sonder drives activation usage

1) The first is through our activation emails, which we send directly to your people, introducing our services and encouraging them to download and engage with the app. Over time, we've refined these messages to be as relevant as possible to the audience and it remains the biggest activation driving channel to this day. You can control the timing of when these emails are sent to your people to make sure the timing suits you best.

2) Alongside the direct emails from Sonder, your people will become aware of and engage with Sonder through the wide range of material you have available in your Sonder communications toolkit.The online toolkit contains assets relevant to all phases of your Sonder partnership. From launch marketing material, through to ongoing engagement, product education pieces and timely monthly themed materials. And everything can be easily co-branded should you wish to do so.


One platform.
All the support.

Keep your finger on the pulse with your people, make a real difference to their health and safety, and demonstrate the business impact and ROI of your wellbeing efforts.

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